Winglet Universal Roof Rack System, Integrated Crossbar for Vehicles with Side Rails

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Tested to the Limit

At the BENEHIKE Test Center in Arcadia, USA, our products undergo rigorous testing to the extremes. Our roof rack system is designed to bear your gear and securely install onto your vehicle with utmost safety and reliability. Here are just a few examples from the numerous tests conducted:

Load Capacity Test

Dynamic Testing: The vehicle was tested at speeds of 15, 25, and 35 km/h for 2 km each on standard poor roads to ensure safety.

Test Vehicle: 2023 Ford Expedition

Load Capacity: 330 lbs
Test Load: 440 lbs

-No loosening of torque was detected.
-No loosening of the load was observed.
-No damage was noticed.

Crash Tests

We perform a series of comprehensive crash tests at varying speeds and weights to guarantee the utmost safety of our complete roof rack system while transporting your gear, and to safeguard your vehicle against any potential damage.

Wear and Tear Test

Conditions: The roof rack system undergoes a continuous spray of 5% saltwater for 192 hours.

Results: After the 192-hour continuous spray of 5% neutral saltwater, there were no signs of rust, white spots, or corrosion.

Suitable for 99% Mount Rails

Aerodynamic Design & Aviation Aluminum Alloy

Electrophoretic Coating and Powder Coating are Used

Adjustable Size Sliding Base

Replacement Clips Available for Different Sizes


How can I determine if it fits to my vehicle?

To ensure the proper fit of the Winglet with your vehicle, you can measure the size of your vehicle's side rails and refer to the adjustment range provided in the product description. If you require further assistance, our customer service team is available to help you confirm the compatibility.

I bought it but I failed to install it on my vehicle.

Rest assured, BeneHike provides custom clips for customers whose vehicles have special roof side rails that are slightly outside the adjustment range of the Winglet. If you encounter any difficulties during installation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you.

I need load more than 300lbs.

If your vehicle has a flat roof, you have the option to add a single roof bar, which will increase the load capacity by 50%. With this addition, the dynamic load capacity will reach 450 lbs, and the static load capacity will reach 990 lbs.