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Alumabode RTT

  • The Alumabode rooftop tent by BENEHIKE is a tough, sleek aluminum model that offers remarkable versatility. It seamlessly mounts onto various vehicles and effortlessly unfolds into a cozy mobile bedroom, ensuring you can embark on your adventures without fretting over accommodations.
  • The Alumabode series includes the 3 Person model (83" x 51") and the 4 Person model (83" x 59"). When stowed, they boast a slim profile of under 6 inches, conveniently attaching to any roof rack. These tents are fully waterproof, exceptionally quiet, well-insulated, and remarkably hassle-free to set up and dismantle.
  • Experience a virtual tour of the Alumabode 3 Person through our insightful walk-through video, hosted by Kaile. Prepare to be captivated by the Alumabode 3 Person's features and design showcased in this engaging presentation. After viewing this video, the allure of the Alumabode 3 Person may linger in your thoughts.

Ascendll RTT

  • The newly reimagined BENEHIKE Ascend II, introduced in 2023, stands as a significant leap forward within our range of rooftop tents. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in designing and crafting roof top tents, we have seamlessly integrated all that knowledge into this remarkable offering.
  • The Ascend II comes in two versions: a 51" wide model known as the Ascend II 2 Person, and a 54" wide version aptly named the Ascend II 3 Person.
  • Both variants of the Ascend II provide comfortable sleeping space for two adults. The Ascend II 3 Person version goes a step further, accommodating a child or even a four-legged companion.
  • Join us for an insightful tour guided by BENEHIKE expert Kaile, as she unveils our latest and most groundbreaking tent models: The Ascend II.

30s Quick-open Awning

  • The sleek black aluminum design complements most 4x4 vehicles. Magnetic switches replace zippers for easier use. Shock-corded design prevents shell-canvas friction, and an abrasion-resistant coating enhances canvas protection while traveling.
  • Available in five sizes, universally compatible with most vehicles, it sets up in seconds with adjustable brackets.
  • Pairable with roof tents, cargo boxes, or roof racks. Made from durable 420D Oxford & 280G Poly Cotton Ripstop fabric with 2000mm PU coating and UV50+ properties, it endures harsh weather.
  • Ceiling attaches to the frame with multiple points, guide wires ensure stability. Sturdy aluminum frame withstands strong winds and rain.

How to Install Your RTT?

Before attempting to install, make sure to read our installation guide. It covers everything from receiving your rooftop tent to safe and secure vehicle installation.

How to Choose Your Crossbars?

The stock crossbars that your vehicle is equipped with may not be optimal for a BENEHIKE roof top tent. It's essential to ensure proper crossbars that can handle the weight of your RTT, including when campers are inside (static load) or while driving at speed (dynamic load).

Identify your vehicle's roof type and the appropriate crossbars and towers required for mounting your BENEHIKE tent.

Condensation Guide

Condensation forms on your RTT walls due to factors like sleeping breath, damp gear, or air moisture. Discover our strategies to reduce condensation within your BENEHIKE rooftop tent.


Learn how our shipping process works, how to schedule and receive your BENEHIKE RTT delivery, and important steps to follow before you sign for your Rooftop Tent.

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Can I use a BENEHIKE tent with any car?

Certainly! A BENEHIKE RTT fits seamlessly with any vehicle. Just fasten BENEHIKE rooftop tents to your car's crossbars, similar to how you'd attach a ski rack or storage box.

I'm not an avid camper. Is a BENEHIKE suitable for me?

If you prioritize comfort and added convenience for camping, a rooftop tent is a clever choice. Imagine bringing your cozy bedroom atop your car, allowing you to sleep soundly under the stars with safety and comfort.

How many people can sleep in a BENEHIKE tent?

Depending on the specific model, you can easily accommodate 1 to 4 individuals, along with furry companions if desired.

How long does it take to pop up and break down a BENEHIKE RTT?

Setting up or taking down our roof top tents can be completed in less than a minute. Feel free to time us – we proudly hold the title of the quickest roof top tent around.

Where can you use a BENEHIKE RTT?

You can sleep wherever overnight parking is permitted, including National Parks, National Forests, BLM lands, Walmart parking lots, and even your in-laws' driveway.

How do I get in and out of a BENEHIKE RTT?

Each BENEHIKE RTT includes a telescoping ladder—reliable, lightweight, foldable, and secure. Even your larger pets can ascend!

Concerned about robust winds, rain, sleet, snow, and chilly winter nights?

BENEHIKE tents offer weatherproofing akin to your car, with added warmth.

Customers have slept soundly through harsh winds, snow, dust, and freezing cold. Certain models feature extra insulation.

Need more info? Our outdoor experts are ready to assist in choosing the perfect tent for your vehicle and lifestyle.