Benehike 4wd


We know that navigating this process can feel daunting by yourself.
This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of different roof styles, available options, and our expert recommendations for each.
If you need assistance at any point, feel free to reach out to us at 951-691-3943 or schedule a consultation with our team.

Here is our suggested process:

1. Identify your specific roof configuration.

2. Explore various rack system designs.

3. Review specific specifications.

4.Know when it's best to consult an industry professional.

Roof Types And Crossbars

Roof crossbars are the most popular and convenient method for installing a rooftop tent.
They are available as complete systems, including the racks and the mounting mechanism that connects them to the roof.
Below are typical roof configurations along with an example roof rack system for reference.

Bare Roof

Tracks / Channels

Flush Rails

Raised Rails

Factory Bars

Warning: Most factory crossbars do not meet the weight capacity needed for a RTT.
Search for styles:Factory Roof Mount Rack Systems

Platform Racks

Platform racks offer a larger storage space compared to crossbars, but there are two main drawbacks to consider.

1) A rooftop tent would occupy most of the cargo rack's surface area.
2) platform racks with bars running from front to back may require additional modifications or drilling.
That's why we suggest starting with crossbars initially. If you have additional space, such as above your cab, you can consider adding a platform racks rack.

Check The Specs

Whichever system you're considering, it's a good idea to know how big the horizontal bars are.
Here's what you'll want:
1) Bars as wide as your roof, or the vehicle.
2) A distance of 30.25" between the two crossbars for a stable mount.
3) A Bar diameter between 2" and 3.5"
4) A Dynamic weight capacity equal to or greater than the weight of your tent.
Read more about Dynamic Weight Capacity

Our Mounting System

Each of our tents are equipped with two aluminum tracks that are specifically designed to be mounted longitudinally on your vehicle.

Our Expert Advice

To simplify the installation process, you can begin by attaching one side and sliding it through the track from the outer edge towards the center.

In the center section of the tent's tracks, there is a designated area to secure the M8 Bolt for the opposite side. Once in position, you can then raise the other side of the bracket and secure it into place.