When you are having great times in your rooftop tent, you might not think of packing and storing it in the future but there is no doubt a time in the future that you have to pack it up and get back to your daily city life.  

That's why you need to understand the importance of storing your roof top tent to make it safe and sound for your next time camping adventure. But how? We all know that a rooftop tent cover is a good choice, and we have more tips if you don't need one.

Today Benehike's expert gives you a complete guide on how to keep your rooftop tent and proving practical tips for your rooftop tent. If you are the rooftop owner who does not know enough information about your rooftop tent storage, stay tuned and do not miss the following tips. Otherwise you might put your rooftop tent into a "dangerous" place and you are not aware of it. 

Now let's dive into the best tips to help you store your rooftop tent.


If you've got a rooftop tent, you might be wondering how to store it properly. It's a bit tricky because these tents can be heavy, weighing around 100 to 200 pounds. But don't worry, even if you've had your tent for a while, finding the right spot to store it can still be a puzzle.

Now, let's clear up a common misconception. Storing your rooftop tent safely isn't as complicated as it might seem. There are plenty of good ways to do it without causing any trouble. The thing is, not having enough info about storing your tent can lead to mistakes that could mess up its condition.

So, where and how should you store your rooftop tent? You don't need a fancy place for it. Your garage or basement can work just fine. The big deal is to make sure the spot you choose is dry and doesn't have any moisture hanging around.

One mistake some folks make is leaving their tent right on the floor. It might seem okay because the floor is dry, but here's the thing: even if you can't see it, there's still a little bit of moisture in the floor. And when the air is humid, that moisture can find its way into your tent. That's a big problem because it can lead to damage.

See, if your tent gets wet and can't dry out, it's in trouble. Water sitting on it can cause mold (which is bad for your health) and rot that's tough to fix. And guess what? Your tent won't work so well if it's damaged like that.

So, what's the deal? How do you store your rooftop tent the right way?

Place A Cover For Your Rooftop Tent

You can leave your rooftop tent directly on the garage floor, but there's a smart trick to do it safely. Just make sure you put something in between the tent and the floor. This acts like a shield, so your tent doesn't touch any dampness that could mess it up. And that's why our expert suggest all the buyers that do not throw the rooftop tent packaging right away, instead, keep it in your garage and when you finish your car camping adventure and want to store the rooftop tent, place your car tent on the packaging. However, there is another around.

Laying your rooftop tent flat on the ground is a pretty good idea. But here's the thing: it takes up quite a bit of space and might not be great if your garage is tight on room.

Here's how it works:

  1. First, take your rooftop tent off your car. You might need a hand with this part.
  2. Put away all the stuff that comes with your rooftop tent in a bag.
  3. Worried about dust and dirt getting on your tent cover? No problem. Use a mattress bag as extra protection. Slide your rooftop tent into the bag and seal it up tight to keep the dust out.
  4. Get four sections of 2x4 wood and lay them on the floor. Space them about 20 inches apart, so they make a sort of platform.
  5. Now, gently set your rooftop tent on top of this wooden platform.

And that's it! This method doesn't need a ton of effort, and it's a great way to keep your tent safe. But here's the thing: when your tent is chilling on the floor, you might want to use it like a little table to put stuff on. Resist that urge! Placing things on your tent could damage it.

Remember, the spot where you put your tent should be flat and big enough to fit it. Before you place your tent down, make sure both the tent and the floor are nice and clean.

Oh, and keep your tent away from anything hot. For even more protection, you can put a piece of cardboard on the floor under the wooden platform. If you follow these steps, your rooftop tent will be safe and sound until your next adventure.

Hang Your Rooftop Tent on the Wall

Here's another cool way to store your rooftop tent – by using a wall for support. But wait, we're not just plopping it on the floor. We're putting it on its side, with the flat part leaning against the wall.

This method is awesome if you're short on storage space. And guess what? Just like the flat way, this leaning trick is safe for your tent, even during chilly winters.

Here's how you do it:

  1. First things first, get a mattress bag or some thick blankets. You want to keep your rooftop tent safe, right? So, slide it into the bag or wrap it up snug in those blankets. And seal up the ends with duct tape, just like a pro.
  2. Remember that platform idea from the flat storage method? You'll need that here too. This time, four pieces of wood about 12 inches long or some pool noodles will do the trick. They'll lift your tent off the floor.
  3. Place those wood pieces or pool noodles evenly across the width of your rooftop tent.
  4. Gently set the bottom of your rooftop tent on this makeshift platform.
  5. Now, it's leaning time! Let your tent lean against the wall. This keeps it steady and secure.
  6. If you want to be extra careful, you can attach straps to the wall. They'll hold your tent in place even better.

And that's it! Your rooftop tent is all set up to chill against the wall, waiting for your next big adventure.


For those who don't want to stick to one spot, the platform method is pretty cool. It's like a portable home for your rooftop tent. This platform usually has wheels, so you can even roll your tent around from your ride to your storage spot.

Got an old cart or something cart-like that's big enough for your tent? Perfect! Here's what you do:

  1. Get mattress bags or blankets and wrap your rooftop tent safely.
  2. Put it on your cart gently.
  3. Make sure you keep your cart away from really hot, super cold, or super damp places.


Now, if you're looking for a fancier way, check out the ceiling storage. It's a bit more complicated and might cost you more, but it's pretty sophisticated.

Here's the deal:

You hang your rooftop tent from the ceiling using pulleys and straps. This way, you don't need to hog up floor space. Plus, your garage stays convenient.

Oh, and it's a breeze to lift and lower your rooftop tent from your vehicle's roof with this method.

Before you jump in, though, take a look at your garage ceiling. Make sure there's enough room for your tent without getting in the way of other stuff.

For this method, you need pulley systems, lifts that can handle your tent's weight, and some tools for setup.

If this sounds a bit too much, consider getting a pro to set it up. That way, you don't have to worry about safety or messing up the structure.

If you're going manual, here's how:

  1. Attach straps or cables to a sturdy part of your ceiling.
  2. Add hooks for extra support.

For an automated setup, follow these steps:

  1. Place two pulleys horizontally across from each other, about as wide as your tent.
  2. Put the second pair of pulleys about 40 inches away from the first set, also horizontally.
  3. Get a webbing loop hook to slide under your rooftop tent and help lift it to the ceiling.

Using this method is a piece of cake. Just park your vehicle below the setup, hook everything up, and lift the tent up all by yourself. No need for an extra pair of hands.

So, whether you're a platform person or aiming for the ceiling, now you've got a couple more ways to keep your rooftop tent safe and sound until your next outdoor escapade.

Store Your Roof top Tent Properly

Ever since rooftop tents came into the camping scene, lots of campers switched from their regular tents to these more convenient ones. These tents attach to the roof of your vehicle, making camping on the go much more comfortable than using a regular tent on the ground.

Rooftop tents are a cool addition to your camping gear, but just like any other tent, you need to put them away properly when you're not using them. However, storing rooftop tents isn't as simple as stuffing them into a bag and leaving them on a shelf. You need to be smarter about how you store them.

You might be wondering why you even need to store your rooftop tent. After all, many of these tents are designed for all seasons and can handle different weather conditions when left on your vehicle's roof. Plus, they usually come with covers that protect them from the elements. So, is it really necessary to take them down and store them?

The cool thing about rooftop tents is that they're usually made from tough materials that can handle water, UV rays, and other things that can damage regular tents. But, even though they're built to be strong, constantly facing the weather can still wear them down over time. If you don't want to keep buying a new tent every few years, the best thing to do is take it down and store it properly.

Now, does this mean you have to take down the tent every single time you finish camping? Well, it depends on how long you're going to stop camping for. If you're planning a short family trip for a week or two and you won't be camping again for a while, then it's smart to take down the tent and keep it safe until your next trip.

But if you're the type of camper who's always on the move, especially those hardcore folks who love being outdoors even in bad weather, deciding when to store your tent is up to you. It can be tough, especially if you're always ready to go camping. In this case, the best time to put your rooftop tent away is during the longest period when you won't be camping. This saves you from the hassle of constantly setting up and taking down your tent.

In the end, the best time to store your rooftop tent is when you won't be using it. And for campers who use these tents in only three seasons, it's important to store them during the season they're not meant for. This helps keep your tent in good shape and ready for your next adventure.

Is It Worth the Trouble to Store Your Rooftop Tent?

Setting up a rooftop tent can be pretty stressful. That's why many campers think it's easier to just leave the tent on their vehicle instead of taking it down. But like we discussed before, there might be a periof of time for you not using it. And without certaiin care or storage, damage would be caused to your rooftop tent. 

There are some really good reasons why properly storing your rooftop tent is important. Here are a few:

  1. Keeps it in Good Shape: Unless you're planning to go camping in the cold, it's not a good idea to leave your rooftop tent exposed to winter weather or moisture. This can make it weaker and less effective. Storing it the right way can make sure your rooftop tent lasts as long as it's supposed to. When you take care of it, it stays strong and does its job well. Keeping it stored properly protects your investment, so it doesn't get damaged and lose its strength.

  2. Saves You Money: Storing your rooftop tent correctly means it can last a long time—sometimes even up to fifteen years! That depends on what kind of tent it is, what it's made of, and the brand. When it lasts that long, you won't have to keep buying new tents every camping season. That saves you a bunch of money.

  3. Uses Less Gas: If you leave your rooftop tent attached to your car when you're not camping, it can actually make you spend more money on gas. That's because having the tent up there affects how much fuel your car uses. So, you end up using more gas to travel the same distance.

  4. Stays Clean: Storing your rooftop tent the right way means you don't have to spend a ton of time cleaning it the next time you want to use it. Proper storage keeps out dust, dirt, and pesky bugs. It also makes sure your tent is safe from moisture, so you don't have to worry about mold growing on it.

So, even though taking down and storing your rooftop tent might seem like a hassle, it's actually a smart move. It helps your tent last longer, saves you money, and keeps it clean and ready for your next camping adventure.

Is Storing Your Rooftop Tent Necessary?

If you're planning to take a break from camping, it's a good idea to store your rooftop tent properly for your future trips. And we strongly suggest that. Why? Above has explained the reasons. But if you won't use them for just one or two weeks, then it would be totally fine to leave it on your car roof top. 

Rooftop tents are really handy for camping, and if you store them the right way, they'll stay useful for a long time. It's important to pick a storage method that keeps your tent safe and doesn't take up too much space or make it hard to set up again.

In short, it's a good idea to make sure your tent is stored well until you need it again.

Do you want to learn more about rooftop tents? Check out the cool benefits of using them!



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