If you want to further understand the overlanding lifestyle or want to meet new friends who love overlanding adventure, then in 2023 you have to embark on the overlanding shows, expos, or events. These activities are great for a overlander to join a community to share the joy and stories of overlaning or best place to shop the overlanding gear like roof top tents or awnings

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced adventurer, you can find different types of workshops, activities, seminars etc in these specially designed events. Most of these offer top-notch training, hands-on driving skills, and even new tech latest products.

Also, you will meet fellow Overlanders who share their personal stories and skills so that you can interact with them, and get prepared for your future adventures. For you, it’s like an overlanding Hoopula! All types of overlanding vehicles and supplies definitely can blow your mind. Not a bad way to have fun and learn stuff right?

So check out the following overlanding event and make your own schedule, join the activities and fully engage in the overlanding world! Here we’ve listed this overlanding expos happening in 2023, find one that is close to you and you want to join.


To make everything easy, we here summarise all the events based on the date, location and general introduction plus some tips for you before you go. If you have any questions related to the events, overlanding gear or with your rooftop tent, don’t hesitate to ask our experts at Benehike! We are overlanding fans just like you.  

These shows range from small size like parties, to big, formal workshops that are family-friendly, and enriching. Whatever the style, there must be one that suits you. So prepare to be amazed! 

The Rocky Mountain Overland Rally Experience

The Rocky Mountain Overland Rally Experience

Time: JULY 28-30, 2023


Event Date: FRI 8-5 | SAT 8-5 | SUN 8-3 (Already Ended, See you in 2024)

Website: https://overlandadventurerallies.com/

The Rocky Mountain Overland Rally is a cool event for people who love outdoor adventures. It's in a pretty mountain town called Gunnison, just 3.5 hours away from Denver. You can camp there for the whole experience or just visit for the day. Either way, you'll have a great time.

Throughout the event, you'll have the chance to learn essential skills from certified instructors. Picture yourself behind the wheel, navigating challenging terrains with confidence after a session on 4WD techniques. As the sun sets, the atmosphere transforms into one of togetherness around a crackling campfire. Engage in fun activities and contests, and who knows, you might just walk away with exciting prizes.

But that's not all – the event takes your learning to a whole new level. Enroll in classes that pique your interest, whether it's capturing stunning adventure photographs, gaining confidence in fixing vehicle troubles, honing navigation abilities, or even discovering how to handle medical situations in the great outdoors. And let's not forget the thrill of mastering mountain biking trails, experimenting with campfire cooking, exploring the world of wines, and learning the art of vehicle recovery.



Time: TBD (Generally 2nd weekend in August)

Place: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Fee: $110-$250

Website: http://www.overlandfestival.com

The Mid-Atlantic Overland Expo is super proud to be the biggest overland expo on the east coast. When you come here, you can learn things, buy stuff from vendors, watch cool adventure movies, and even camp right at the site.

The most exciting part is trying out your driving skills on bumpy off-road tracks and tricky obstacle courses. It's really thrilling! You can also join in on fun events with other people, get tasty food from food trucks, listen to live music, and hang out by the campfire with everyone at night. It's a blast!


Off-Road & Camping Expo [Arizona]

Off-Road & Camping Expo [Arizona]

Time: 2023 Dates Pending (typically second weekend in August)
Place: Mormon Lake Lodge - Mormon Lake, AZ
Website: https://campingexpos.com/

Fee: Around $80

The Colorado Off-Road & Camping Expo is a special event that lasts for two days. It's all about overlanding and outdoor stuff. You can see lots of different companies there, from those that make off-road things to camping gear and overlanding stuff. They'll have things like regular tents, trailers that pop open, vehicles for overlanding, and tents that go on the roof of your vehicle. There's something cool for everyone to see and like at this event!

The site is not yet updated about the time and event info, but you can contact them for more details on this years event. 

Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo

Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo

Time: September 1-3 2023
Place: Medicine Lodge Rodeo Grounds – Alberta, Canada
Website: https://www.aoaexpo.com

Fee: $20-$50

The Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo is like Alberta's top outdoor event and show. It goes on for three days and has lots of cool stuff. You can learn things from people who know a lot about traveling over land. They have classes about driving off-road and getting unstuck, and they even take groups on trails. 

There are also shops where you can buy things like gear for overland trips. And if you get hungry, there are yummy food trucks. Plus, you can watch a movie while sitting in your car. This Expo is a great time to learn, shop, eat, and have fun! It's a bit longer than what you read before, but not too much! The Alberta is also pet friendly, which means you can take your pet friends with you.

You can check all the details about this event here: ALbeta event Details, including the venues, maps, and accommodations. 

Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat

Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat

Time: Septembeb 14-17 2023
Place: Trails End Campground - Copper Harbor, Michigan U.P.
Website: https://keweenawoverlandadventureretreat.com/

Fee: $0 – $165

KOAR is a kind of overland event where you set up a main camp and then explore from there. Even though it's like that, you won't run out of trails and cool stuff to see in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. You can enjoy the event for 4 days, camping by Lake Superior on the Keweenaw Peninsula. You can also go hiking, ride mountain bikes, and paddle around in the historic Copper Harbor region. It's a chance to enjoy nature and have a great time!




Time: September 15th-17th

Place: Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Website: https://tetonoverlandshow.com

Fee: $10 – $75

The Teton Overland Show started in 2017 to bring outdoor fans together. This three-day festival happens close to the Grand Tetons, at the Waterfront in Snake River Landing. You can also camp right there if you want, but that costs a bit extra.

This year event they are hosting a charity raffle and you can win the big draw even you are not present! Tthe prizes are 2022 CF MOTO ZFORCE 800 Trail SXS with trailer or a 2023 Beta 500 RR-S Dirt Bike. So if you want have the big win, just join them and support the cause!

At the show, you can watch demos of lots of cool outdoor stuff, go to classes to learn new things, and join groups for trail adventures. They even have a special place for kids to have fun. It's an awesome event to enjoy outdoor activities and meet other people who like the same things!

Moab Overland Experience

Moab Overland Experience

When: Septembeb 27-30 2023
Where: Moab, UT
Website: https://moaboverlandexperience.com

At the Moab Overland Experience expo, you'll find more than 50 vendors who are all about exciting adventures. There are also classes you can take, and you can camp for 4 days. This event has something for everyone, whether you like off-road vans, adventure bikes, or different kinds of overland vehicles. It's a cool place to check out and have fun!




Time: September 29-30

Place: West Mineral, Kansas

Website: http://www.bigironoverlandrally.com/

Fee: $35–$190

In West Mineral, Kansas, there's this cool event called Big Iron that goes on for three days. At the event, you can camp out, listen to live music, win awards for your vehicles, and even take a tour of Big Brutus, also known as the Bucyrus-Erie model 1850-B electric shovel. The people who organize the event say all these things will be there.

The Big Iron Overland Rally is a special time where you can camp, hear music, and learn things. It happens at the old Big Brutus site in West Mineral, Kansas. You can enjoy music, shop from sellers, go to classes, and more. It's also a good chance to meet other people who love overlanding and learn how to plan your own exciting trips.

American Adventurist - Appalachian Rendezvous

American Adventurist - Appalachian Rendezvous

Time: 2023 Dates Pending [typically between late September and late October]

Place: North Carolina

Website: https://www.americanadventurist.com/ (must be a registered forum member for details)

The American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous is a yearly overland event, but it's not too big – only a certain number of people can go. At this gathering, people come together and do fun things like a potluck cooking contest for overland food and driving on trails. Sometimes there are also companies selling things, but this event is more about having a calm and easy time, not as busy as a regular overland expo.




Time: TBD (typically the first weekend in October)

Place: Pomona, California

Fee: $15-$20 per day

Website: https://www.offroadexpo.com/

If you're really into off-roading, there's this expo just for you! At this expo, you'll find the best companies that make off-road stuff. You can listen to famous people talk about off-roading and even try driving some fully decked-out off-road vehicles on a special course. This event is perfect for those who love off-roading a lot and aren't afraid to get a bit muddy. It's a chance to have fun and learn all about off-roading!

American Adventurist - Mountain Rendezvous

American Adventurist - Mountain Rendezvous

Time: 2023 Dates TBD (typically second week in October)
Place: Camp Tahquitz, California
Website: https://www.americanadventurist.com/ (must be a registered forum member for details)

The American Adventurist Mountain Rendezvous is a yearly overland event that's not too big, so only a certain number of people can go. At this event, folks get together and do fun things like a potluck cooking competition for overland food and driving on trails. There are also companies there selling things, but this event is more about having a chill time than being super commercial like other overland expos.


Place: Vermont

Time: October 5th-8th

Website: https://the-pilgrimage.com/

This gathering in the Northeast is perfect for people who love camping and off-road adventures. They have things like camping spots, rides on trails, and even a quiet space for families with young kids.

They call it The Pilgrimage and it's where people who are into driving 4x4s come together. They come from all over the country, and some even travel in a group through Vermont. The event happens at the Henderson Hideaway Basecamp, which is a place with cool shops and where you can meet local folks.

They'll even give you a map of Vermont's tricky class IV off-road trails. The state doesn't take care of these trails, so they want groups of cars to drive through these rough, rocky roads. It's a fun time for anyone who loves off-road driving and wants to explore!

Copperstate Overland Rally

Copperstate Overland Rally

Time: October 7-11 2023
Place: Southern Arizona - specific route varies year-to-year
Website: https://mensartscouncil.com/copperstate-overland/

The Copperstate Overland rally is not like most overland events. It's a special one, where only vintage off-road vehicles from before 1979 can join. It's an exclusive experience with full support and meals provided. You get to drive on roads and off-road, and it's a unique adventure just for those older vehicles.


Texas Avid Outdoors Fall Expo (a.k.a. The Texas Overland Expo)

Texas Avid Outdoors Fall Expo (a.k.a. The Texas Overland Expo)

Time: October 6-8 2023
Place: Oxford Ranch Campground - Llano, Texas
Website: http://www.texasavidoutdoors.com

The T.A.O. Fall Expo is a well-liked overland event in Texas. It's all about inspiring and motivating people to go outdoors. You'll find lots of vendors with gear and stuff, plus there are classes and talks about all sorts of activities, like overlanding and different outdoor adventures. It's a great way to learn and get excited about exploring nature!





Time: OCTOBER 6-8, 2023


Event Date: FRI 8-5 | SAT 8-5 | SUN 8-3

Website: https://www.overlandexpo.com/east

Recognized globally as the pinnacle of overlanding events, the Overland Expo® proudly returns with its 2023 edition of the Overland Expo East. Taking place from October 6-8 at the historic Oak Ridge Estate in Arrington, Virginia, it is set to redefine your understanding of adventure, gear, and community.

Adding to the charm are 200+ exhibitors, each showcasing an unparalleled range of equipment and services that span Overland, Adventure Travel, Outdoor, Camping, and Motorcycles. Whether you're in quest of the perfect gear or looking to upgrade your existing one, there's no better marketplace.

But what truly sets the Overland Expo East apart is its dedication to education. Prepare to be enthralled by over 175 specialized classes, riveting slideshows, hands-on demos, and interactive activities. Each session, curated by the world's top experts, ensures that when you leave, you’re not just inspired but also equipped with the right knowledge.




Venue: Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

Date: TBD (typically the second week in October)

Fee: $60-$90

Website: https://www.naturalstateoverland.org

This little get-together is one of many that happen all over the country in different places. These events are great for folks who really enjoy being outdoors and want to be with others who feel the same.

You can look forward to having meals together, talking in the evenings, sitting by the campfire, and getting to know awesome people who also really like nature and being outside. It's a chance to make friends and have a good time in the outdoors!

Off-Road Expo (Arizona)


When: October 14-15 2023
Where: Phoenix Raceway – Avondale, Arizona
Website:  https://www.offroadexpo.com/

This overlanding expo is like a sister to the Pomona Off-Road Expo. It gets the best companies that make parts, equipment, and gear for off-roading and overlanding. They're all respected in these fields. The event also has people who are really good in overlanding, off-road racing, and rock crawling, and they come to share their knowledge. It's a big gathering for folks who love these things!


Overland the Red

Overland the Red

When: October 19-12 2023
Where: Daniel Boone National Forest - Red River Gorge, KY
Website: https://northologyadventures.com/overland-the-red

Overland the Red is a cool event where you set up a basecamp for overlanding. It happens in the pretty Daniel Boone National Forest and lets you experience all the great things in the Red River Gorge. There's amazing fall colors, camping, chances to win prizes, rides on off-road trails, hikes, and lots of other fun stuff to do.




Time: October 21st-23rd

Place: Gladstone, Virginia

Fee: $120

Website: https://www.blueridgeoverlandgear.com/pages/roof-top-tent-rally

Blue Ridge Overland Gear and James River State Park are the ones organizing this event. Any vehicle that takes you out into nature is welcome, even though they're mostly thinking about people who go overlanding and sleep in rooftop tents.

When you're there, you can check out lots of shops, join workshops about adventure travel, enjoy the brewery that's right there, listen to live music from the area, and do more fun things. Families are welcome, you can even camp on the spot, and there are lots of trails around to go explore. It's a cool event for everyone who loves outdoor adventures!

Express Rally Adventure Series (Overland Ozarks)

Express Rally Adventure Series (Overland Ozarks)

Time: October 27-29 2023
Place: Ozark National Forest - Arkansas
Website: http://www.expressrally.com/

For three days, you can join a guided overland rally that includes everything you need. It goes through the Ozark National Forest and follows a route with both challenging and beautiful trails. When you register, the fees cover your camping spots, meals, some cool stuff to take home, and even media coverage.


When: October 31 - November 4 2023
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV
Website: https://www.semashow.com

The SEMA Show is not like a usual overland expo, but it's an amazing event where businesses show their products. Every year, it has more and more companies that focus on overlanding and cool new things for overland vehicles. It's not open to everyone, just people in the car and overland retail business. But if you work in these areas, it's a fantastic chance to meet others in the overlanding industry and make connections. 

We hope you discover an event that ignites your love for overlanding and as overlanding gear manufacturer ourselves, Benehike knows how excited to engage in such overlanding expos or events. But If you're new to this and curious about overlanding, please do not hesitate to contact us and our overlanding experts would give you advice as soon as possible. 

Michael Chong