1. Introduction
  2. Quick Setup and Take Down
  3. Accessibility to Remote Locations
  4. Comfort and Convenience
  5. Unparalleled Perspectives
  6. Safety and Security
  7. Protection Against the Elements
  8. Additional Storage Spac
  9. Improved Workflow
  10. Conclusion


As an increasing number of professional photographers and photography enthusiasts seek out uncharted territories, a key piece of gear has emerged as a game-changer: the roof top tent. This innovative piece of equipment, which effortlessly combines comfort with convenience, is quickly becoming a must-have item for photographers worldwide. This article will delve into the reasons why a roof top tent is an essential accessory for every photographer, highlighting its myriad advantages and how it harmoniously integrates into a photographer's work scenario.

Quick Setup and Take Down

Photography often requires timely responses to changing light and weather conditions. With the Alumabode™, you can set up or take down your tent within 5 minutes thanks to its innovative hydraulic props, allowing you to devote more time to your craft and less time fumbling with traditional tent setups. When closing the tent, your bedding and other contents stay inside, making the process even more convenient.

Why Does Every Photographer Needs a Roof Top Tent?

Accessibility to Remote Locations

The first and most apparent reason why a roof top tent is a photographer's best friend is its ability to provide ready access to remote and picturesque locations. Photographers are always in search of that unique perspective, the untamed landscape, or the unspoiled skyline. A roof top tent, like the Alumabode™ 4-Person Hardshell Roof Top Tent from Benehike, fits most vehicles, opening up a world of possibilities for photographers to venture into less explored terrains and capture stunning visuals. The tent's sturdy construction, coupled with its all-season protection, ensures that photographers can comfortably set up camp in diverse weather conditions, from scorching deserts to frosty mountain peaks.

Why Does Every Photographer Needs a Roof Top Tent?

Comfort and Convenience

Comfort is paramount after a long day of lugging camera gear around and being on the lookout for that perfect shot. The Alumabode™ roof top tent offers a high-density foam mattress, equivalent to a luxurious California king, turning any location into a comfortable home away from home. Moreover, it includes an ultra-fast setup feature, allowing photographers to have the tent ready within minutes, freeing up more time to focus on their craft or simply relax.

Why Does Every Photographer Needs a Roof Top Tent?

Unparalleled Perspectives

The unique vantage point offered by a roof top tent is another significant advantage for photographers. With its 5 windows, including the door, the Alumabode™ roof top tent offers 360° views. Imagine waking up to a spectacular sunrise or capturing the Milky Way in all its glory from the comfort of your tent. These elevated perspectives can lead to distinctive compositions that set your photography apart.

Why Does Every Photographer Needs a Roof Top Tent?

Safety and Security

Photographers often find themselves in secluded locations, and safety can be a concern. The elevated position of a roof top tent offers added security, keeping you and your expensive camera equipment off the ground and away from potential threats. The Alumabode™, with its sturdy aluminum outer cover, stainless steel latches, and a maximum weight capacity of 1000 lbs, provides a secure and safe environment.

Why Does Every Photographer Needs a Roof Top Tent?

Protection Against the Elements

Outdoor photography can expose you to unpredictable weather conditions. The Alumabode™'s 600GSM fabric and polyurethane layer resist water and UV rays, protecting you and your gear from harsh weather. Its insulated floors and ceilings help maintain the tent's temperature, ensuring a restful night's sleep, no matter where you're parked

Additional Storage Spac

For photographers, carrying various pieces of equipment is part of the job. The roof top tent, with its custom-made aluminum alloy shell, provides additional storage space. This feature allows photographers to carry extra gear without worrying about cluttering the interior of their vehicle.

Improved Workflow

Lastly, a roof top tent can significantly improve a photographer's workflow. The ability to stay on location means less time commuting and more time shooting, especially during golden hours. Moreover, with the insulated floors and ceilings of the Alumabode™, photographers can comfortably edit their day's work on their laptops right from the tent, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Why Does Every Photographer Needs a Roof Top Tent?


In conclusion, a roof top tent presents a compelling solution for photographers, offering a unique blend of comfort, convenience, safety, and of course, the ability to access and capture awe-inspiring landscapes. The Alumabode™ 4-Person Hardshell Roof Top Tent from Benehike stands out as a versatile and reliable option for photographers, combining robust construction with high-end features, making it an essential piece of equipment for every photography.