1. Introduction
  2. Choosing the Right Roof Top Tent for Maximum Airflow
  3. Scouting for a Shady Campsite
  4. Stay Hydrated and Keep Cool
  5. Ensuring Proper Ventilation at Night
  6. Choosing Lightweight and Breathable Sleeping Gear
  7. Avoiding Unnecessary Heat Sources
  8. Properly Insulating Your Roof Top Tent
  9. Plan Your Meals
  10. Embrace the Natural Sleep Cycle
  11. Conclusion


Summer, with its longer days and warmer weather, is a fantastic time for camping. It's a chance to connect with nature, unwind, and create unforgettable memories. However, it can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to getting a good night's sleep due to the heat. But worry not! Whether you're an experienced camper or just starting out, this comprehensive guide will provide 9 essential tips to help you enjoy a restful sleep during your summer camping trip, especially when using a roof top tent.

Choosing the Right Roof Top Tent for Maximum Airflow

For summer camping, choosing the right roof top tent is key. Roof top tents offer a unique advantage - they allow for maximum airflow to keep you cool during those hot summer nights. These tents are set atop your vehicle, ensuring you get the breeze from every direction. Opt for a tent with mesh panels or windows that zip open to allow air in and a rain fly that can protect the windows in case of an unexpected downpour. Renowned roof top tent brands such as Benehike, are known for their high-quality, breathable tents that are ideal for summer camping. The elevated position of a roof top tent also allows hot air to rise up and away from you while sleeping, ensuring a cooler environment. Plus, you'll get the best views when you wake up, adding a unique charm to your camping adventure!

Sleep Comfortably Camping in Summer with a Rooftop Tent


Scouting for a Shady Campsite

When planning your summer camping trip, the selection of the campsite is crucial. Look for spots that will be shady both during the day and at night. A campsite under mature trees with dense foliage is ideal. Direct sunlight can heat up your tent, including a roof top tent, making it less comfortable for sleeping. Scouting the campsite ahead of time to plan where the sun hits at different times can help you set up your tent in an area that remains shaded. If there are no naturally shady spots available, consider bringing extra tarps, shelters, cabanas, or sun sails to create your own shade.

Stay Hydrated and Keep Cool

During the day, try to stay in the shade as much as possible and avoid strenuous activity. Staying hydrated is essential in regulating your body temperature and ensuring a comfortable sleep at night. Keep a stock of water or sports drinks in your roof top tent. Additionally, consider keeping cooling products such as moist wipes, cooling towels, bandanas, and portable fans in your tent for added comfort while sleeping. Battery-powered fans and misters are particularly useful for camping trips. Take breaks from the heat in your vehicle and make use of the AC when needed. Applying cold compresses under your arms and behind your knees can also help cool your body.

Ensuring Proper Ventilation at Night

One of the keys to sleeping comfortably in a tent during summer is ensuring proper ventilation, especially at night. Keep your tent doors and windows open as wide as possible to maximize airflow. A battery-powered fan can further enhance air circulation, making the tent more comfortable for sleeping, even in a shady area. Place the fan in a corner of your roof top tent for the best airflow. This open airflow allows your body heat and humidity to escape, keeping your sleeping environment comfortable. Aim to face open mesh doors and windows while sleeping to take advantage of the breeze.

Sleep Comfortably Camping in Summer with a Rooftop Tent


Choosing Lightweight and Breathable Sleeping Gear

For summer camping, your choice of sleeping gear should be optimized for hot and humid conditions. Consider using a lightweight sleeping bag, cotton sheets, or just a liner. Ensure your sleeping pad is breathable. For added air flow underneath, you might want to consider cots instead of sleeping pads. The more air that can pass through and underneath you, the more comfortable you will be when sleeping on those hot summer nights in your roof top tent. Choosing sleeping gear like moisture-wicking clothes and breathable fabrics can also greatly enhance your comfort and sleep quality. Consider investing in a high-quality, lightweight, and breathable sleeping bag specifically designed for warmer weather.

Avoiding Unnecessary Heat Sources

When planning your campsite setup, consider where you're placing potential heat sources. Cooking areas, for example, can radiate heat long after you've finished using them. Try to keep these areas a safe distance from your roof top tent. Also, consider the material of your tent. Some tent materials can trap heat more than others, so look for materials that are light-colored and heat-reflective.

Properly Insulating Your Roof Top Tent

Even though summer days are hot, nights can sometimes get chilly. Having a properly insulated roof top tent can help regulate the temperature. Insulation works both ways – it can keep your tent cool during the day by reflecting sunlight and warm during the night by trapping heat. Some roof top tents come with an insulated base, but if yours doesn't, consider using an insulating sleeping pad.

Sleep Comfortably Camping in Summer with a Rooftop Tent

Plan Your Meals

Believe it or not, what you eat can affect your sleep. Try to have your meals early in the evening and avoid heavy, picy, or fatty foods that might cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep. Stay hydrated, but try to reduce fluid intake just before bedtime to minimize nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Embrace the Natural Sleep Cycle

Camping is a great opportunity to reset your internal clock. Try to wake up with the sunrise and wind down after sunset. This natural sleep cycle can improve your sleep quality and make you feel more refreshed in the morning.


With these tips and the right preparation, you can indeed sleep well and stay comfortable during your summer camping trip. Remember, the key aspects to focus on are ensuring proper ventilation, staying cool and hydrated, finding shade, and using breathable, lightweight sleeping gear. All of these contribute to getting quality rest in your roof top tent, waking up ready to enjoy another day in the great outdoors. So gear up and get ready for an amazing summer camping adventure with your roof top tent!

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